A nice variety of healthy trees on a person’s property provides value. They offer shade, moisture control, and help limit erosion. Mature trees give a home an established and mature look. Due to this, it is important to encourage good tree health in order to reap the benefits of having them. Here are some possible symptoms that indicate it is time for emergency tree service in Marietta GA.

Storm Damage

When a big storm moves through, it will typically bring high winds. These intense gusts can snap branches, topple trunks, and uproot even the oldest trees in the yard. Don’t even attempt to try to clean this type of mess up alone. Instead, call on professionals with experience in tree service, as they can assess the damage and address each tree individually. They will do what is necessary to save the trees and improve their health over time. Then, they will remove the ones that are more than likely not going to recover.

Root Issues

The roots of trees provide water and stability. If the root system is no longer healthy, the trunk and branches are not supported properly and can pose a risk of falling. Roots that are showing and coming out of the ground are vulnerable to incurring damage from lawnmowers, insets or moisture problems. When doing any digging or aerating around the trees, always be aware of them and try not to damage them.

Potential Disease

Tree disease can spread from one organism to another relatively fast. It’s important to take care of trees that may need attention right away to prevent blight and other conditions from attacking the entire yard. Rot, fungus, as well as indications of insects present like tiny boreholes, are all reasons to be concerned. Some types of tree disease impact the leaves and blossoms. Then, there are more harmful canker versions that disrupt a tree’s vascular system.

In those cases where one or more trees at a property are showing that it might be time for emergency tree service, call on the professionals at TreeJob. They are family owned and operated. Their skilled team is dependable, honest and will provide excellent service.

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