Oak trees are highly valued for their durability and appearance. These trees of the genus Quercus are found throughout North America, and while they’re hardy and widespread, they’re still vulnerable to injury, illness, and disease. Therefore, it is important for homeowners to inspect their oak trees regularly for signs of declining health.

Yellowing of the Leaves

In some cases, leaves may turn yellow due to malnutrition. Oak trees require significant nutrients to thrive, and when they don’t get a sufficient amount of nourishment, the leaves may turn yellow with green veins. A tree cutting service in Denver CO can test the soil to ensure it’s feeding plants and trees adequately.

Lost Foliage

All oaks are likely to lose some foliage, particularly during fall and winter months. However, if the owner discovers sizable patches of missing foliage, it could be an indication of a certain type of canker that affects some oak species.

Rotting Bark

Another sign of a dying oak tree is the presence of rotting bark. While this isn’t an oak-specific problem, it can be serious in certain oak species. If the owner discovers a tree’s outer bark is rotting and falling away, it usually indicates a severe underlying problem that may result in the tree’s eventual death.


It’s not possible to discuss oak tree health hazards without a mention of mildew. This condition is common in coastal areas, and it is denoted by the presence of powdery white mildew on the tree’s leaves. The mildew typically starts on young leaves, causing them to fall off and die. If left untended, the mildew can spread throughout a tree’s canopy.

Rotting Roots

Root rot is a common problem in oak trees. It’s two separate conditions: mold and fungal infection, which combine to degrade a tree’s roots. Root rot is common in areas where high temperatures and humidity encourage fungi and mold growth.

Oak trees can be beautiful, but only if they are properly maintained and treated. For help in maintaining a property’s trees, consult a tree cutting Denver CO for help and advice.

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