Healthy trees can enhance your property’s beauty and provide shade on hot summer days. However, unhealthy and dead trees can be eyesores and pose potential dangers. If you have concerns about the trees in your yard, reach out to an experienced company that offers Tree Service in Middleburg, FL. These knowledgeable experts can inspect your trees and recommend the best solutions. Here are some common tree issues and what you can expect from a tree service.

Dead or Dying Trees:

When trees sustain injuries from diseases, lightning strikes, pest infestations, poor soil conditions, or root damage, they can die and become hazards. Dead, brittle branches may fall on your home or people. During high winds, the entire tree is vulnerable to falling and causing damage. An experienced tree service can safely remove trees of any size to eliminate the risk to you and your property.

Fungal Diseases:

It’s not uncommon for trees to become diseased due to fungi. If you notice deformed leaves, browning, and premature leaf drop, your tree likely has a fungal disease. Common fungal diseases include leaf spots, blight, cankers, and rust. A tree specialist can assess your tree, diagnose the issue, and recommend a treatment plan. Pruning diseased branches and applying a fungicide often resolve the fungus problem.

Insect Infestations:

Pests such as aphids, beetles, borers, and caterpillars can rapidly damage tree foliage, bark, or roots. Boring insects, like the emerald ash borer, create tunnels in tree stems or roots, disrupting nutrient flow. Sucking insects, such as aphids, harm trees by extracting juices from their leaves. When you contact a Tree Service in Middleburg, FL, a specialist will create a plan that may involve pest control sprays and preventive measures to halt the spread of pests to other trees.

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