Natural light and a beautiful view are wonderful, but there are times when a dark room and privacy becomes more important. Window blinds allow people to have complete control of the brightness of their interior environment. When blind shopping it is easy at times to forget about door windows and the impact they can have on light and privacy. Thankfully, blinds can also work in these areas as well.

Remember the Handle

All doors, other than sliders, have a doorknob or handle to consider. Remember the location of the handle if the glass extends below the doorknob. No one wants the blinds to interfere with the operation of the door or for the blinds to break as people grasp the handle on the door. Make certain the Door Designer in Sarasota FL selects a doorknob that is less likely to interfere with the blinds or choose blinds that are a little too narrow. A narrow blind can still cover the window adequately without crowding into the doorknob.

Keep Them Secure

Another concern with doors is how to keep blinds in place during the use of the door. Blinds can swing back and forth as the door opens and closes. The material can become stuck in the door or the swinging can cause damage. Secure the bottom of the blind so this does not happen. The attachment at the bottom will keep the blind in place and allow people to open and close it to control light. Unfortunately, it may make raising the window treatment impossible.

Think About Thickness

Someone with custom door built by a Door Designer in Sarasota FL can consider built-in blinds that sit between the window panes, but the thickness of the blind is a concern for anyone with existing doors. Exterior door blinds do not have the benefit of being tucked into a window frame. The thickness of the blind will impact the overall appearance of the door.

At website it is possible to find the style and size of blind to accentuate any window or door. The options can improve the look of the room while also helping to control light and heat and improve privacy whenever needed. In-home consultations can help homeowners to learn more about the options available to them for each project.

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