Automobile Locksmith Services in Nassau County NY allow vehicle owners to get duplicates of their keys. They help customers get back into a car with the keys locked inside. Most U.S. residents still drive cars that aren’t keyless, and they occasionally have the need for these services.

Workers with Automobile Locksmith Services in Nassau County NY usually can open doors of vehicles manufactured before 1992 with a specialized tool that slides into the door from the window area. Since then, manufacturers started to add protective plates so thieves cannot rig their way into cars with a coat hanger or thin piece of metal.

The Earliest Automobiles

The earliest automobiles didn’t have locks, so people didn’t need services of businesses like Able Lock Shop for vehicles. Only the wealthiest individuals could afford a car. Often, they had a chauffeur. Hardly anybody else knew how to drive, so the risk of car theft was minute. Some early vehicles had detachable steering wheels to prevent automobile theft. Oddly enough, a limited number of cars like this were still being manufactured in the 1970s.

People didn’t have things in their automobiles that others might want to steal, like stereo systems, cell phones or fitness center gear. They knew better than to go shopping for bags full of clothing and other goods, then leave them in the automobile while going to have lunch.

The Early 20th Century

By the 1920s and 1930s, vehicle manufacturers generally included door locks that matched ignition locks so the same key would be used for both. The trunk lock often required a separate key. Glove boxes also had locks, although whether people have ever used those locks frequently is in question. They would seem too easy to pick open if anyone actually was able to break into the vehicle, which a burglar can do simply by breaking a side window.

The Double-Sided Key

Ford is credited with the invention of the double-sided key, having the same grooves on each side. Released in 1965, it didn’t require drivers to insert the key in just one direction; they could do it either way. This was a convenient change. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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