Hardwood floors have long been favorites among Longmont homeowners who prize the warmth and beauty of wood. Installing wood floors has traditionally involved days spent fitting boards to floors and even more time adding finishes. All wood must have a coating to protect it and prevent staining. With these facts in mind, many homeowners now work with a business offering Pre-finished Flooring Service in Longmont CO. Experts who sell pre-finished hardwood flooring offer an array of elegant, durable products. They also provide fast, expert installation.

Professionals Offer a Range of Beautiful Woods

A company that offers Pre-finished Flooring Service in Longmont CO typically includes a showroom filled with a variety of products. The finishes on their wood flooring have been applied in factories, in contrast to unfinished hardwood floors that are coated on site. Factory-applied finishes are fairly transparent and allow the beauty of woodgrains to show through. Customers can choose from a range of surface textures, styles, and colors. Unlike on-site finishes, factory coatings are free of dust, swirl marks, and specks.

Pre-finished Flooring Is Safe and Durable

Clients who want long-lasting wood floors often contact pre-finished flooring experts via sites like Aestheticflooring.com. Professionals can show customers products finished with several coats of strengtheners. Coatings are applied using UV-curing technology. As a result, pre-finished woods are exceptionally durable and include manufacturers’ warranties that are usually better than contractors offer for on-site finishing. Boards do not have an odor or emit toxic fumes the way on-site finishing products can. In fact, pre-finished wood floors are hypoallergenic and ideal for homes with children and pets.

Experts Provide Quick Installation

Customers often choose pre-finished products because they can be installed faster than unfinished wood. Flooring contractors will provide underlayments and can sometimes lay wood over existing flooring. Technicians prepare surfaces carefully and often have flooring installed and ready to use in a day. Customers do not have to deal with the dust, mess, or noise associated with unfinished woods.

Homeowners who want the beauty of wood floors without the complicated installation often choose pre-finished products. Customers can select from a range of woods that will stay beautiful for decades. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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