For many businesses, restricting entry of people into buildings or rooms is essential for maintaining security, protecting products, and protecting data. While there are many different security options available, one of the most popular is a card access system. The Card Access Systems Louisville KY provide a variety of benefits for a business owner who decides to implement them.

Restrict Entry to a Building

Card access systems can be used to restrict entry into an entire building so only employees can enter the building. This is often used on parking garages to ensure only employees can park in the spots and on the entry doors to ensure only employees can get into the building. Having both types allows a business to protect everything in the building and ensure their employees can find a parking spot without worrying about a lack of spaces due to unauthorized persons parking in the parking lot.

Restrict Entry to a Room

When a business only needs to restrict entry to a certain area within the business or just one room, they can do this with card access systems as well. The systems can be set up for any number of doors within the business. Also, the doors can be set to different levels so all employees can enter the building but only certain employees can get into specific rooms or areas. This is a good idea if there are products or data that should only be accessed by top level employees.

Easy to Turn On and Off

One of the biggest benefits of these systems is the ability to turn cards on and off with ease. When a new employee is hired, they can obtain their card quickly. If an employee is no longer going to be working for the company, their card can be shut off. This means there’s no need to worry about whether they made a copy of a key or have to chance the pin number for everyone to restrict their access.

Any business owner who needs to restrict access to the entire building or certain areas can invest in one of the Card Access Systems Louisville KY to make this easier and more efficient. The entire system can quickly be installed and set up by a professional. For more information or to speak with a representative about a car access system for your business, contact Bates Electric Inc today.

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