The flexibility of a welding cable is determined by the type of insulation material and amount of copper strands used in the wire. Both of these characteristics determine the quality of the welding cable, and the 6 AWG cable scores well on both counts.

Here, we will inform you about 3 characteristics of the 6 AWG welding cable that makes it suitable for use in wide variety of applications.

Thin Copper Strands

The size of the copper strands used in welding cable determines the flexibility of the welding cable. The copper strands used in wiring cables are stiffer. This is necessary to make the wire cable run through conduit and walls. This makes it easier for the building contractor to easily install inside the house.

The 6 AWG Welding cable is made of thin copper strands. The thinner the copper strand, the more flexibility it will offer to the welding cable. Increased flexibility of the 6 AWG welding cable allows it to be easily hooked to a welding machine. It can be used in projects where the environment is difficult for normal kinds of copper wires.

Greater Versatility

The 6 AWG welding cable is made of rubber insulation. This combined with thinner copper strands gives it greater versatility and protection. The welding cable can be used in harsh environments. The rubber insulation protects the cable from corrosion and also gives a bouncy quality to the cable. The 6 AWG welding cable can withstand fairly high temperature and can be coiled and uncoiled multiple times without degrading in quality.

High Durability

Another characteristic of 6 AWG welding cables is that they are highly durable and last for a long time. The same quality that makes the wire flexible also makes it one of the most durable cables used for welding purposes. The 6 AWG welding cable can withstand variety of temperatures and environmental conditions without being damaged.

Final Advice

You must talk to your welding supplier about the different options available for the welding cable. Some points of concern include insulation material and gauge of the cable. Different gauge welding cables are suitable for different purposes. Some tasks will require thick strands of copper wire while others will require thin copper strands. Moreover, you must also ensure that the insulation material of the welding cable is suitable for the environment where welding equipment is used.

Considering these factors will make it easy to select a quality welding cable. In the end, you would want to purchase the best quality welding cable that provides value on investment. This article will help you in purchasing the right welding cable for the welding equipment.

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