While the foundation of a home can easily last for decades, there are times when issues develop. Knowing the signs that the need for some kind of Concrete Foundation Repair in Mississippi exists will make it easier to call for help before the situation gets out of hand. Here are some of the more common signs every homeowner should recognize.

Separations Around Doors and Windows

Some of the first signs that the need for a Concrete Foundation Repair in Mississippi exists can be found on the exterior of the home. Take a close look around the frames of the doors and windows. When those frames are beginning to separate, that is a sign that part of the foundation is weakening. Calling for help immediately will stop the damage and prevent further problems with the structure.

Cracks in the Facade

If the homeowner should notice cracks in the outer walls of the home, this is a good sign that all is not well with the foundation. The cracks may appear in brick, wood siding, and even stucco. Rather than patching the crack, it pays to have a professional check the foundation. There is a good chance that a repair to one section of the foundation will be all it takes to correct the problem.

Issues with Doors Inside the Home

Another clear sign something is happening with the foundation is a problem opening and closing interior doors. When the foundation is level and supporting the home properly, those doors will open and close with no problem. As a portion of the foundation weakens or settles, the frames get out of alignment. That means doors will stick or will no longer close properly.

If there are any indications that something is wrong with the foundation, call the team at Ewing and Ray Foundation Services. They can isolate the origin of the problem and provide the homeowner with some ideas of how to restore the stability of the home. With a little time and effort, the foundation problem will be a thing of the past, and the owner can rest assured the structure is once again strong and sturdy

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