Fabric wall coverings can be a gorgeous finishing touch to your home. If you have been longing for this type of wall covering, but weren’t sure how to go about it – here is how:

What You Need

You’re going to need quite a few materials for this to come together the right way. This includes:

1. Wallcovering Paste
2. Bolt of Backed Fabric
3. Smoothing Tools
4. Pencil
5. Fabric Scissors
6. Bucket
7. Notepad
8. Tape Measure
9. Spackle Knife
10. Spackle
11. Paint Roller
12. Wallcovering Primer
13. Paint Pan
14. Paint Roller
15. Roller Cover
16. Pan Liner
17. Sanding Block
18. Utility Knife
19. Paint Brush
20. Damp Rag

Step One

The first step is to measure the walls. You need to do this to determine the width and height of the space for the needed fabric. You should write down your measurements so it will be more convenient for you. This step must be done to ensure the fabric wall coverings will come out right.

Step Two

Choose the fabric wall coverings you wish to put up in your home. It’s best first to take some samples home, and then decide which one you like the best. Swatches are usually available at any place. The fabric should have acrylic backing. If it doesn’t have that, it could be custom made that way. Before you make your decision, it is best to remember that patterns that have large repeats tend to require more yards, and can be more expensive. The textured fabrics or smaller print tend to require fewer yards of material, but at the same time may not be as impactful as you would like.

Step Three

The third step would be to prepare the walls. You would now comb the walls with your smoothing tool in order to get rid of any bumps. Fill in screw and nail holes with spackle, while using a spackle knife. Let dry and then lightly sand the residue, followed by wiping with a damp rag. Add a coat of wallcovering primer and use a paint roller. Be sure to set aside three hours to allow the primer to dry.

Step Four

Make sure you have a long and flat surface, and you should then roll the fabric out. Go by the dimensions, and then use tape to measure, as well as a pencil to mark the height on the fabric. Be sure to add four extra inches for waste. Cut the desired fabric with fabric scissors.

Step Five

This step is where you would paste the wall. Start by dipping your paintbrush in the bucket of paste, and then spread the paste on the wall. Be sure to start from the top down.

Step Six

This is where you will be attaching the fabric. You need to hold each strip of fabric up to the wall of your choice, so you can match it up and then repeat. Be sure to press the fabric into the glue and then smooth out the air bubbles with the smoothing tool.

Step Seven

The last step would be to use the utility knife to cut the excess off from the corners of the fabric, as well as from around the outlet holes.

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