Termites are tiny winged insects that consume wood and other dead plant material. Home owners dread them because of the damage termites are known to do to houses. If a colony takes up residence in the walls of a home, the insects can slowly and silently destroy any wood or cellulose-based building material. The following are some tips for preventing an infestation of Termites in Hanover.

Keep Moisture Away From The House

Moisture attracts subterranean termites, one of the major types associated with damage to homes. One tip for lowering the risk of an infestation is to keep the house dry. Extend downspouts away from the walls of the house and grade the soil so that it slopes away from the house as much as possible.

Store Firewood Far From The House

Another tip for discouraging termites is to keep firewood at a distance from the house. A pile of firewood can be a great source of food for the insects, and if it’s too close to the house, subterranean termites may tunnel to the house if it’s nearby.

Seal The Property

Another way to prevent termites from entering a house is to seal it carefully. Termites can get in through tiny holes and cracks, so it’s important to seal off every possible access point, from the basement to the roof.

Install Termite Barriers

Another way to protect a home from termites is to install some form of termite shielding. Metal or mesh shielding can be installed between the foundation wall and the wooden framing when a house is under construction. To protect a house that was built without a shield, home owners can use chemical shielding.

Recognize Signs Of Infestation

Unfortunately, termites are hard to see because they live inside the walls of a house. Some signs to look for include tunnels on the outside of the house, which can indicate the presence of subterranean termites, and obviously damaged wood.

Get Regular Inspections

The best way to find out if a home has a termite infestation is to have pest control experts do regular inspections. If they catch a termite infestation early, they can help home owners get rid of the insects before much damage is done. To learn more about preventing Termites in Hanover, visit us.

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