There are several threats to Countertops in Topsfield MA homeowners need to be aware of if they don’t want damaged counters. Counters can be quite durable, but they can be damaged if neglected, abused, or used in the wrong way.

Avoiding Clutter

Cluttered counters can easily become damaged. When Countertops in Topsfield MA are messy, it’s easy for a homeowner to lose track of what has been cleaned and what hasn’t. Something can be spilled on a counter and allowed to sit because it is hidden by clutter. Depending on what is spilled, some serious damage can happen to the counter.

More On Clutter

Clutter can damage a counter in other ways besides hiding spills. Allowing something that is too heavy to sit on a counter can slowly cause damage. If a person is used to putting just anything on their counter, they might not think twice of putting a hot pot on it. The heat can do some serious damage to a counter. Visit to find out more about counters.

Additional Storage

To avoid clutter on counters, additional storage can be purchased. There are hanging options that can be used to store pots, pans, and utensils. These hanging solutions can be placed just about anywhere in the kitchen. There are stylish options to fit any type of kitchen. There are also standalone drawers that can be purchased if a person has a lot of items in their kitchen.

Cleaning Counters

Whatever a homeowner does, they shouldn’t use anything abrasive to clean their counters. What people don’t realize is that even paper towels can be too abrasive for some counters. Soft cloths should be used to clean counters. Only cleaning products recommended by manufacturers should be used on counters.

Counters can be damaged from cleaning, spills, hot cookware, and other things that happen. For example, someone who doesn’t use a cutting board while chopping veggies can do damage to their counter. If a homeowner wants to get a counter that is durable and can withstand a lot of punishment, they will have to spend more money and get something superior to a basic countertop.

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