When a person begins to clean the outside, and inside of their home, there are likely quite a few things on their to-do list. While this is true, one thing that’s often overlooked is cleaning Aluminum Framing in Mount Laurel NJ on the doors and windows.

The good news is, it’s pretty easy to get these sparkling and clean. Some tips to help with this are found here.

Cleaning the Exterior of Aluminum Frames

Cleaning the exterior of Aluminum Framing in Mount Laurel NJ is a simple process. The first step is to use a hose to get the frames wet. This is going to help remove quite a bit of the superficial dirt, which makes the job much easier.

Make sure to scrub the frames using a detergent solution or some special aluminum cleaner. Test the cleaning product on a small part of the frame first. Wipe the frames down from top to bottom using a damp cloth. This is going to help keep the dirty water from getting on the cleaned parts of the window frame.

Rinse the frame with clean water from the hose. Make sure to rinse away any cleaning product residue or dirt that’s been left behind.

Cleaning Aluminum Frames on the Inside

Cleaning the inside of aluminum frames is also an easy process. The process to do this starts with wiping down the frames using a damp cloth. The same aluminum cleaner used on the external frames can be used on the internal portion.

Wipe the rest of the water off using a dry cloth, which will help to buff the aluminum. After cleaning the frames, it is time to get them to shine. Using a lot of water and fine steel wool will help with this. But, keep in mind, this is a time-consuming process.

When it comes to aluminum window and door frames, it’s important to use the right process to keep them clean. More information about how to clean aluminum and keep it looking great can be found by contacting the team at South Jersey Glass & Door. Those who are interested can also Browse the website to learn more.

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