Boating is one of the most popular recreational activities of all among residents of Minocqua. With the town itself occupying an island in the lake of the same name, there are thousands of other large bodies of water spread throughout surrounding Oneida County.

Many locals understandably make the ownership and enjoyment of boats a central part of their lives. Builders of Boat Houses in Minocqua WI like Larry Meyer Construction Co. LLC. Cater to the needs and preferences of their clients in many helpful ways.

The Perfect Home for One or More Boats

Many boats owned by residents of Minocqua spend much of their time tied up at simple docks, remaining exposed all the while to the elements. Another option is to keep a boat in a building designed to provide shelter for it.

Boat Houses in Minocqua WI range from fairly simple structures to elaborate ones that include many extras. Some of the kinds of features that are most often found in such buildings in the area include:

  • Dock space.
  • Any boat house worthy of the name should be able to accommodate at least one watercraft. A small boat house might have as little as fifteen feet of docking space within it, while larger ones can have many times as much. In addition to the amount of available dock, a boat house’s ability to accommodate watercraft will be limited by the clearance.
  • Living quarters.
  • Some boat houses are dedicated purely to providing shelter to vessels. Others include quarters meant for people to relax or even live in. A boat house designed to serve as the full-time residence of an entire family can have far more of its space devoted to residential purposes than to hosting watercraft.
  • Decks.
  • Boat houses quite often include decks that make enjoying the surroundings even easier. Even simple boat houses quite often feature rooftop decks that make the most of their footprints.

Many More Options to Consider

Browse the website of a company that has a history of building boat houses, and it will become clear that there are plenty of other possibilities. Boat houses constructed to suit the preferences of particular owners inevitably end up being useful and appealing.

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