If you need to cool a large outdoor area, you only have a few options, and one of the most popular methods includes a modern mist system. In fact, some of the latest systems can reduce temperatures drastically. In addition, they do not add a great deal of humidity to the environment. So how does one choose the right system for misting? These tips may be of help.

Are You a Good Candidate for a Mist System?

Mist systems are sometimes referred to as fog systems, and misting works best in environments of relatively low humidity. The amount of heat can be best reduced when there is as little humidity as possible. In fact, at levels below 50 percent humidity, temperatures can be lowered as much as 40 degrees F. However, this does not mean residents of Florida and other areas of high humidity cannot benefit from a good mist system. Yet, knowing how effective your system is, will give you realistic expectations.

What is Your Intended Use?

A mist system is not just for cooling off the air. In fact, it can be highly effective for dust suppression and humidification. Also, if you plan to use your system for industrial or large applications, you may want to go with something which delivers high pressure. In fact, some of the best high pressure systems have pressure ratings of 1000 psi.

Pump Selection

Selecting the right pump for your operation is critical. You will need a pump capable of handling the misting needs of your system. However, if you choose one much larger than your needs, you may decrease your energy efficiency. This is why it is a good idea to talk to a mist system professional when choosing your equipment. This ensures you have the right pump, fan, tubing, and nozzles for your needs.


Should you install your own mist system? If it is relatively small, like a residential patio system, you may have few problems with the installation, as long as you choose the right components. In fact, some misting systems are available in kit form, and this takes all the guesswork out of choosing the proper equipment. Plus, many kits can easily be installed by the average homeowner with a limited amount of skill and knowledge.

When you have a large mist system to install, you may be better off with a professional installation. This will ensure everything is properly installed and a professional service can give help you design a customized system which will be efficient and effective.

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