Many homes that feature wood doors, wood beams, wood flooring, or other rustic features tend to make people feel more comforted, as if they are in a one-of-a-kind home. Every home has its own characteristics, no matter if the floor plan looks the same. They are just as unique as people are.

When homes first started being built, traditional woods were utilized to build and decorate, but people are starting to venture out and seeking different types of woods. These woods include teak, bamboo, hickory, maple, and mahogany. There are many other types of woods that can be used in the home too. All have different characteristics and vary in color, texture, and grain appearance.

Luxury home builders typically use the wood species people do not know much about, which allows their homes to remain unique and unlike anything ever seen before.

Alder Wood

There are two different types of alder wood, which are clear and knotty. Alder wood is generally used in more luxurious settings and costs more than traditional woods. Alder wood and alder doors will share similar characteristics to cherry wood. Alder wood will also have a uniformed texture, a pronounced grain, and a subtle light brownish color.

The little burl clusters or knots located naturally within the grain add character to the wood, thus making it appealing to some individuals and giving an overall rustic look. When finished, the burls will be darker and no two pieces are the same.

Alder wood is classified as a hardwood, but is definitely the softest of the family. Another name for this particular type of wood could be semi-hardwood. If one were to look up the different woods on a hardness scale, they would be able to find alder directly above poplar and pine.

Solid Interior Doors

Solid alder doors are beneficial to install within the home because they are great insulators. They hold temperature very well and create good sound barriers between rooms. Since alder doors offer good sound blockage, they are ideal for bathrooms, offices and bedrooms alike. Heavier in weight, alder doors are secure and can make anyone feel at home, easily delineating the boundaries between hallways and rooms.

Increasing Home Equity

An extremely practical benefit to consider is that installing alder doors will increase the overall value of the home. Similar to custom wooden doors, knotty alder doors are generally found in luxurious settings. There are many benefits to alder doors and if you are looking for a unique appeal, as well as to increase home equity, this may be the perfect type of wood to select for home remodelling. To know more about alder doors visit Nick’s Building Supply, Inc. You can also connect with their Facebook page.

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