Anyone who invests in Industrial carpeting colorado Springs CO should want to know how long it their carpet will last. Prior to buying a carpet, it’s important to know if there are options that will last longer than others. Knowing just what it takes to get a carpet to last is also crucial. Fortunately, it’s not to difficult to find out what affects a carpets longevity.

The Right Style

Believe it or not, the style and coloring of a carpet affects how long it will last. Dark colors are great at hiding any dirt and stains that might be present. People will often discard old carpeting because it just doesn’t look good anymore. With darker colors, visual imperfections are going to be less of a concern over the years. Even when a carpet is new, it takes a lot more work to keep up if it is a light color.

Walking On It

Foot traffic is another concern with industrial carpeting Colorado Springs CO. The more foot traffic, the more damage. Every single time someone walks on a carpet, the fibers are affected. A carpet that only has to deal with dozens of people a day will last longer than one that gets walked on by hundreds. A building that needs more durable carpeting shouldn’t have cheap carpet installed. It will just have to be replaced sooner. Carpeting with adequate backing will handle foot traffic a lot better than hardback carpets. Carpet Clearance Warehouse has all types of carpeting.

Maintaining The Carpet

If a carpet is properly maintained, style will be more of a problem than damage. A properly maintained carpet might last 20 years. That means it’s more likely to be replaced because of style issues instead of being damaged. Vacuuming of high-traffic areas needs to be done on a daily basis. Some method of deep cleaning needs to be done at least every six months. For the most part, it’s best to outsource the cleaning to professionals who have expertise with carpeting. Improper cleaning can actually damage carpeting.

Carpeting can indeed last in commercial settings. A buyer just has to invest in a quality carpet and be willing to maintain it. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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