Most San Rafael homeowners are not aware of all the new features and benefits of energy efficient windows on the market. With different types of frames, various options in the glass to reduce UV light into the home and to decrease indoor temperatures, it is essential to take the time to shop around. There are also new options in frames that are important to consider.

A top company to start looking at for window replacement options is Northwest Exteriors. Offering a range of different window manufacturers as well as window styles, this company also provides full siding work and replacement doors, allowing you to work with one company to complete the entire home exterior renovation.

Window Style

The style of the design for replacement windows is important to consider. Often older homes have one style of the window throughout the home, while new designs can provide a coordinated look with different window styles to meet the needs of various rooms in the home.

Window opening options are an important part of the style. Not all windows are designed to open, but in the San Rafael area most bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen windows are designed to open. Horizontal sliders, single or double hung windows or casement or awning windows are all effective options.

Decorative Windows

In central rooms in the home, decorative and distinctive replacement windows can be a great choice. Adding a bay or a bow window to a front room, a bedroom or a home office adds extra space as well as a unique look.

Adding to the basic picture window, radius or arch windows give a softer look to the lines of the home while also adding in additional light. Other styles of windows from large floor to ceiling windows to custom designed window groups all add a unique look to a home without a lot of expense.

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