Why your Furnace cannot survive without Maintenance

by | Oct 19, 2021 | Furnaces

Your furnace is responsible for filtering allergens and dust while at the same time controlling the temperature in your home. The efficiency of your furnace can be affected by problems which are identifiable especially during maintenance. Loose ductwork due to thermal expansion and contraction and the presence of dust in blower fan blades affects the functionality of the equipment. A maintenance expert takes time to replace the air filters and to lubricate the blower motor among other things when you call them for furnace services in Toronto. If you run the equipment without annually inspecting it for maintenance issues, you could end up dealing with breakdowns and costly repairs that could be preventable.

Common Furnace Problems

If you want your furnace to keep running, schedule professional furnace maintenance annually and regularly for increased efficiency. Some other issues that the professional can spot during maintenance are loose wiring harnesses, loose blower belts, leaking coolant from the AC, improperly firing burners, and blocked condensate drains.

The Best Time to Service your Equipment

Since you need the equipment most during winter, you should service it before then. Set up an appointment with a credible, licensed, trained, and qualified technician to inspect your equipment. Timey maintenance will save you money, frustration and time. The technician will also carry out a comprehensive diagnosis to ensure the system is working efficiently and safely. One of the most important tests is checking on the presence of carbon monoxide. All checks are done to meet the specifications set by the manufacturer.

Relationship between Filter and Furnace

To ensure that the furnace keeps working well, change your filter between maintenance. Dirty filters restrict airflow which puts a strain on your fan motor which leads to overheating of the systems and failure of equipment in the long run. When the fan overworks, they lead to an increase in utility bills. The dirt can also lead to clogged ductwork which decreases the lifespan of the equipment and it increases the repair costs.

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