When your home needs roofing services in Hialeah, FL, it’s better to know what roofing styles are available and which one would work the best for your home. Customers have the choice to choose from various roofing styles and materials, which can lead to confusion. However, the most common ones are discussed below.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most common in America as they are suitable for different weather conditions. There are various qualities available, so make sure the shingles pass the AST D7158 and AC438 standards to ensure durability.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing looks like tiles and slate and is available in the form of vertical panels. This roofing by Florida Roof – Tech Corp can last for over 60 years. Also, this roofing is perfect if your house gets heavy rain and snow because sloughing will be much easier. In addition, the metal roofing can be installed over the current roof and is quite lightweight.


If you are looking for something that lasts for over 100 years, slate roofing is the best option. The slate roofing doesn’t burn and can resist fungus and mold pretty well. For this reason, you can opt for slate roofing services in Hialeah, FL, if you are living in wet areas. However, it comes with an expensive price tag.

Green Roofs

These roofs are fully covered with plants and are best for improving the air quality. In addition, these roofs help insulate homes, but they do require more structure support and proper drainage. Still, it’s a great option for adding another layer of insulation to your current roof.

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