Building a custom home in Sonoma is a dream come true for many people. The natural beauty of the area, the amazing things to see and do and the wonderful year around weather make it a perfect place to raise a family, start a career or retire.

Regardless of why you are moving to the area, it is important to make sure your custom home is perfect down to the last detail. This includes choosing the best new home windows to compliment the style and design features of the home.

Door and Window Coordination

It is always a good idea to consider new home windows and doors at the same time when you are making a selection of one or the other. Northwest Exteriors is a company in the area with a top selection of windows and doors from the highest rated manufacturers. They also offer expert staff to assist in choosing the options in windows and doors that work perfectly in your new home design.

Window Size

With the new options in energy efficient new home windows and frames, there is no need to cut back on the size of the windows. Many new homes in the Sonoma area feature beautiful floor to ceiling windows and doors, providing a literal wall of light and open views that add to both indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Other specialized types of features to consider are window shape and window options. Bay and bow windows or radius windows are often used a central focus area in a living room or dining room area, but they are also used in dens, studies and home offices, providing a lot of light while also adding to the style and design of the room from the interior of the home as well as from the exterior.

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