When you are ready to create a stunning centerpiece out of your fireplace, the best option is to install a mantel. A mantel is placed around the fireplace to create a dramatic effect. Although modern-day mantels are not as rustic as in days gone by, they can still provide a high level of aesthetic appeal for homeowners looking to modernize their fireplace. With many different options in mantels available, many people have found that a cast stone mantel Salt Lake City, UT companies install can provide the maximum amount of appeal.

A wide variety of cast stone mantel options

One of the first benefits to choosing a cast stone mantel Salt Lake City, UT companies offer is the variety. There are so many different colors to choose from that are sure to appeal to your tastes. Cast stone fireplaces can be found in a beautiful selection including olive colored, taupe, chocolate, and many more colors to select from. They are also available in quite a few different finishes which means that homeowners are sure to find just what they need.

Ease of installation

An added benefit of selecting a cast stone mantel Salt Lake City UT companies can provide is their ease of installation. It is fairly easy to install cast stone mantel fireplaces which is due to the fact that they are lighter than traditional marble or stone mantels. With the ease of installation comes more accuracy and precision ensuring the very best outcome.

When you need a trusted company to install your mantel, you can choose Stone Mountain Castings and Design. They have an amazing selection of fireplace mantels to choose from and they can even provide the custom designs you need at competitive prices.

For stunning cast stone mantels in Salt Lake City, UT you can turn to Stone Mountain Castings and Design.

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