Growing plants and flowers can’t be that hard, right? It’s just watering and ensuring they get sun, right? Well, growing healthy, vibrant plants requires a lot more work than it may seem if you are doing things the right way.

Creating and growing healthy plants starts with living soil in Santa Rosa. Knowing more about what living soil is and the benefits it can have, especially when growing cannabis, can be hugely important.

What is Living Soil?

If you aren’t sure what living soil in Santa Rosa is, let’s start there. Living soil is basically the community of microbes within the soil. These microbes work to break down any of the organic matter within the soil.

That organic matter, when broken down, provides the nutrition plants need to grow effectively. Living soil breaks down that organic matter more effectively to ensure that only the best nutrients get delivered to the plants for optimal growth.

Getting Living Soil

There are two ways to get living soil in Santa Rosa. You can make it, but the process is a little complicated and takes time. You also have to have compost in your yard as the baseline, and not everyone is a fan of composting.

You can also buy it from a local nursery, ready to implement on your favorite plants. The latter is particularly easy, and you can give your plants the best chance at optimal growth this way.

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