Although it may seem like closing doors to unused rooms while running the central air conditioner would save money, just the opposite tends to be the case. The air cannot circulate throughout the home as the system was specifically designed to do. Instead, Home Air Conditioning in Lewes DE ideally is operated with all interior doors open because it was designed as a whole-house system.

Transfer Grills

Of course, this can be somewhat of a problem at night, when the household residents want to have the bedroom doors closed. One way to allow for circulation is to have a contractor such as Arctic Heating & Air Conditioning install transfer grill in rooms where the doors will be closed. The grill might face a hallway or an adjoining room that will not have the door closed. The main consideration would be any noise from adjacent rooms that could be easily heard through the grill.

Return Air Registers

The main issues with closing interior doors are increased air pressure in the room and cool air trying to escape. Return air registers can be installed in the bedrooms, which eliminates the pressurized air problem. However, this is a pricey solution. Most homes only have a couple of return air registers per floor. Also, with the door closed, these registers try to draw in warm air that cannot be found unless those grills are near the ceiling. This combination of issues can lead to the Home Air Conditioning in Lewes DE working harder than would otherwise be the case.

A Possible Compromise

The same issue occurs when interior doors are closed when the furnace is running. In a climate like that of Delaware, where both the furnace and the air conditioner are used often, homeowners will want to consider how to prevent higher energy bills due to closed bedroom doors. Perhaps the doors could be left open just a crack with a doorstop wedged in place. People might consider that some households have to leave the bedroom doors open all winter if they rely totally on a centrally located wood stove. Details on one particular contractor can be seen at the website.

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