The saying “Good Fences Make Good Neighbours” is a common one. It is repeated again and again – sometimes with adequate justification. In the capital city of Canada, Ottawa, fences are numerous for a variety of reasons. At their very basic, they are used to clearly mark off the boundaries of an area. They are also put up to add a touch of class to an otherwise bland property or business. Yet, there are two basic reasons why fences are popular throughout the world. These are privacy and security.

Privacy and Fences

In a world where privacy can sometimes be at a premium, some individuals feel it is important to obtain it however they can. At home, certain areas of the exterior can be blocked from public viewing by using fencing. Fences can be placed to conceal a backyard, pool area, garden or deck. They allow visitors and residents to enjoy the exterior pleasures of their homes without feeling watched.

Not all fences are privacy fences. Iron fences, for example, do not have this characteristic. The professionals at Nolyn Fence Inc., recommend the following as suitable candidates:

  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride) fence: Also referred to as vinyl fencing, PVC is a solid fencing that is durable. It can weather all the seasons Ottawa throws at it. Its finish will not crack, peel, blister or rot. It will never rust. In other words, it is almost maintenance free.
  • Wood: Pressure treated wood fences come in a wide assortment of types. While the stereotypical picket fence is not a privacy fence, others are. Board-on-board or sandwich types of wood fences provide both security and privacy.
  • Chain Link with Privacy Slats: In general chain link fences are NOT considered privacy fences. Yet, if you add privacy slats, you obtain this element.


Security is another reason why people choose to put up fences. Almost any fence can provide security if it is created to do so. Wood fences and PVC fences can be deterrents through their size and structure. Iron fences are also difficult to climb. Yet even chain link fences can act as security measures if an electric current is run through them or other measures such as privacy panels or barbed wire are added. The size of certain metal fences can also stop invasion of property. Customizing a basic fence can also result in heightened security, privacy or both.

When it comes to Ottawa, fences can vary as to design or material. Yet, most many exist because of one of two reasons: the desire for privacy or the need for security. Nolyn Fence Inc. like other fencing companies in the nation’s capital understands this and can deliver what is required to make residence and business owners happy.

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