There are many types of damage that can occur in a storm. Often, the roof of a building is the hardest hit. When storm damage in Upper Arlington OH occurs, home and business owners need to be able to rely on the professionals for repairs. Hiring the right roofing contractor is a must for ensuring the work is carried out to exacting specifications.

Common Types of Storm Damage to Roofs

There are four main types of storm damage that can cause problems with a roof. Being able to recognize these signs is crucial for ensuring a homeowner is able to contact the professionals right away.

  • Most people do not think of hail damage on their roof, but a strong hail storm can cause storm damage in Upper Arlington OH. Hail will often knock roof granules loose from the shingles. When this happens, dark spots may be noticed. These damaged areas make the roof vulnerable and leaks can begin to occur.
  • Wind damage is also another type of roof damage homeowners may face after a storm. High winds can sometimes lift shingles and cause them to fly away or split. When shingles are missing, the roof will not be as protective and could lead to water-damaged decking.
  • Homeowners may also face impact damage from flying debris. Often, tree limbs and even the entire tree can come crashing down on a roof, causing major damages. Getting the roof repaired as soon as possible is crucial for the protection of the home, so further damage does not occur.
  • Water damage is also a concern during storms. If a roof is older, it is not going to be able to keep the water out as it should. Leaks can easily begin occurring during a heavy downpour and lead to structural instability.

Call the Professionals Right Away

If you are dealing with any of the above types of damage, contact us right away. When a roof is in a state of disrepair, it can lead to serious problems that will be costly to repair. It is imperative a damaged roof is repaired right away, so homeowners can avoid further problems from developing.

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