Homeowners who want to return home every night to a tranquil and beautiful space should hire a landscape architect in Westport, Connecticut to create that harmonious setting. Landscape architects are trained to understand the relationship of plants, shrubs and flowers to the built environment. They also understand how to work with the natural environment to enhance it and not destroy it. Fairfield County, Connecticut has a rich and historic landscape that needs to be respected during the landscape design process.

The landscape architect in Westport, Connecticut will meet with his clients to find out how they would like to use their landscape. Some families want traditional grounds that will impress guests and complement their historic home. Others have small children and they want places for the them to play and explore. The landscape architect will then assess the natural features of the land. This includes the general topography, water bodies, stone walls and fountains. He will also include major vegetation features such as wetlands, endangered plant species, wildlife habitats and large stands of trees.

It’s his job merge the environmental constraints and the family’s goal into one beautiful plan. If any work is being done near wetlands, then environmental approvals will be needed. A landscape architect is adept at working with local boards and inspectors. He can also explain the plan to laypeople, if any public hearings are held.

Once the client has approved it, the skilled contractors at Northeast Horticultural Services can construct it. Often a landscape plan begins by contouring the land. If infrastructure needs to be built, it should be done at this point. This includes a sprinkler system, electrical wires for accent lighting or a security sensors. Sod is then placed wherever a lush lawn is desired. The landscape architect will select a brand that goes with the rest of the lawns on the street. Trees, flowers and shrubs round out the plan.

Busy homeowners might not have time to care for the garden. The same company can create and execute a maintenance plan. This ensures that the yard will look as beautiful in 10 years as it does the day it was installed. Visit us.

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